Back Exercises

In this section you can find exercises for upper, middle and lower back. All of them can help you for back strengthening. Certain back exercises are suitable for men, while some are good for women.

The Back Muscles

The back is one of the most biggest and complex muscle groups. It has extraordinarily function in our body - from weightlifting and correct standing to all our daily activities. The well developed back muscles and the underlined 'V' shape gives to the physique beautiful and completely accomplished look. The back muscles are mainly divided by upper/middle back (Trapezius, Romboids,Latissimus dorsi) and lower back (Erector Spinae).

Trapezius muscle is a large superficial that extends out and down from the neck and down between the shoulder blades to the middle back. The main function of the trapezius is to support the shoulders and the limbs, he is also involved in the movements of the shoulder blades and the neck.

Romboids muscles (Major and Minor): Two small muscles who sits beneath the trapezius muscle. The main function of the romboids is to retract, elevate and rotate the shoulder blades.

Latissimus Dorsi is the largest and the most powerful muscle of the back. The latissimus arises rom the lower half of the vertebral column and iliac crest (hipbone) and tapers to a rounded tendon inserted at (attached to) the front of the upper part of the humerus (upper-arm bone). . It is responsible for a number of functions at the shoulder joint. The latissimus dorsi extends the shoulder or draws the arm down toward the body when it is raised to the front.

Erector Spinae is a deep muscle of the back it arises from a tendon attachedВ to the crest along the centre of thesacrum. When it reaches the level of the small of the back, the erector divides into three columns, each of which has three parts. The muscle system extends the length of the back and functions to straighten the back and to rotate it to one side or the other.

Back Exercises List