Bent Over Barbell Row

March 19, 2015 - Back Exercises, Barbell Exercises
Bent Over Barbell Row



If you have to choose only one exercise you have to perform to have a great back this is definitely the bent over barbell row. This exercise hit the back from the bottom to the top. It develops the back thickness and width. The bent over barbell row could be performed in many ways and variations depending of which part of the back we want to target. This is the basic variation which target mainly the middle and the lower parts of the back.


Grasp a bar using a shoulder width overhand grip and lift it from a rack or from the floor with a proper DEADLIFT technique. You should stand upright with your feet looking forward and slightly closer than shoulder width and with the bar in front of you. From this position slightly bend your knees and lean forward (as you maintain a straight back) until your torso is about 70-80 degrees to the floor. Your arms should be straight and the bar must be at the level of your knees slightly in front of them. Keep your head in one line with your spine, your chest puffed out, and your core muscles tight. This is the starting position.


Now as you keep your torso stationary start pulling up the bar toward your middle waist by first start to pull with your shoulder blades than the arms. When the bar reach your body squeeze your shoulder blades and contract the back muscles for a second, than slowly return the weight back to the starting position. Breath in before the beginning of each rep and breath out after the peak contraction.