Cable Triceps Kickback With Rope

March 20, 2015 - Tricep Exercises, Upper Arm Exercises
Cable Triceps Kickback With Rope



The cable triceps kikcback with rope is great finishing exercise for triceps. It gives you constant tension during the movement and great peak contraction. It work great fot the whole triceps, especially for the outer (lateral) head.


Prepare for the cable triceps kickback as first attach a long rope to the low pulley cable and adjust the weight you want to use on the stack. Grasp the rope with neutral grip (palms facing each other) and step2-3 steps back from the machine. Lean forward until you are almost parallel to the floor. Keep your knees slightly bended, back arched, head in line with your body. Put your upper arms right to your sides and keep them parallel to the floor. Your upper arms and forearms should form a 90-degree angle between each other. This is the starting position.


Inhale and extend your elbows as you keep your body stationary. When elbows are completely extended hold for a second and contract the triceps as you exhale. Return the weight slowly as you control the weight so that your triceps is working all the way down. When you reach the starting position without pause begin the next repetition.