Close Grip Standing Barbell Curl

Close Grip Standing Barbell Curl


Grasp a barbell using an underhand grip (palms facing forward). Your hands should be closer than shoulder width (about 15-20cm. apart). Stand upright, with straight back, feet about shoulder width with your knees slightly flexed.


As you keep your upper arms stationary and close to your body inhale and start to curl the weights up and forward until you reach a fully contracted position. Hold for a second, squeeze your biceps and lower the weight in controlled motion back to the starting position.


  • - Do not swing the body back as you curl the weight, the body should stay stationary throughout the movement.
  • - Keep your elbows fixed at the sides during the movement and move only your forearms.
  • - Perform the negative phase of the Close Grip Standing Barbell Curl for twice longer time than the positive to achieve maximum muscle activity and better development.

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