Neck Harness Extension

Neck Harness Extension


The neck harness extension is a great exercise for strengthening and developing the neck muscles. It hits the back part of the neck and in particular a muscle called Splenius. The neck harness gives more safety to the movement than the free weights and better range of motion.


Prepare a weight plate and place it on the chain attached to the harness. Put and tighten the harness on your neck to prevent it from slipping. Then bend forward to at least 45 degrees and put your hands on your knees for support. Keep your head parallel to the floor, knees flexed and the back straight. This is the starting position.


Inhale and start to lower the weights slowly and controlled by flexing your neck forward until your chin touches your neck. Then carefully change the direction of the movement and bring the weights back up as high as you can by extending your neck. Hold at the top for a second, exhale and begin the next repetition.


  • - Perform the repetitions in controlled manner and control the weights. The exercise could be very dangerous if it’s done with incorrect form.
  • - If you already have some type of injury in the neck area you have to avoid this type of movements.

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