Wide Grip Push Up

March 20, 2015 - Chest Exercises
Wide Grip Push Up



The wide grip push ups are great exercise for developing upper body strength, core stability and building the chest muscles. They can be easily performed everywhere and almost everybody from the beginner to the advanced bodybuilder can take a benefits from doing them. The wide grip puts the emphasis more on the chest muscles rather than the shoulder and triceps, so your chest are going to failure before them.


Lie on the floor with your face down and body straight with your toes on the floor and your palms wider than a shoulder width. Lift your head up, puff your chest toward the floor, flex your abs, and slightly bend your arms. This is the starting position.


As you inhale start to slowly lower yourself down, until your chest touch the floor. From this position push yourself back to the starting position by contracting your chest muscles and exhale. Hold the contraction for a second at the top and begin the next repetition.