Decline Barbell Bench Press

March 20, 2015 - Barbell Chest Exercises, Barbell Exercises, Chest Exercises, Lower Chest Exercises
Decline Barbell Bench Press



The decline barbell bench press is great mass building exercise for the lower part of the chest muscle. If you don’t have problems with the developing of your lower pecs you can perform the exercise at the middle or at the end of your workout. But if you want to give priority to the lower chests perform them at the beginning of your workout to achieve maximum level of intensity and great results.


Secure your legs/ ankles at the padding and slowly lay down on the bench. Grasp the bar with overhand grip (palms facing forward) with your hands at wider than shoulder width (the right grip is those who creates a 90-degree angle between your forearms and upper arms in the middle portion of the movement). Dismount the barbell from the rack and hold it straight up in front of you. This will be your Decline Barbell Bench Press starting position.


As you inhale start lower the bar in controlled manner toward your lower chest. Keep the elbows pointed outward in order to fully involve the chest. Bring the bar up to the starting position as you exhale and push the bar using your chest muscles. Contract the pecs at the top, hold for a second and repeat the movement for desire reps.