One Arm Wrist Curl

March 19, 2015 - Dumbbell Exercises, Forearm Exercises
One Arm Wrist Curl



The wrist curls are one of the basic movements for developing of the bigger part of the forearms – the wrist flexors muscles. The dumbbells works each arm individually which helps to produce more power and balanced forearms.


Grasp a dumbbell and straddle a bench. Sit at the bench and lay your forearm so that your wrist is just beyond the edge of the bench. This is your starting position.


Inhale and start to slowly lower the weight as you allow the dumbbell to roll down toward the fingers. Than flex your fingers, roll the dumbbell back up and curl your wrist back to the top, hold the contraction for a second and begin the next repetition.


Perform the negative part of the movement for twice longer time than the positive.