Sumo Deadlift

March 19, 2015 - Barbell Exercises, Thigh Exercises
Sumo Deadlift



The sumo deadlift is a great variation of the conventionally deadlift. It is popular mainly among the powerlifters and it’s almost impossible to see a regular trainee to perform this movement. Some powerlifters prefer the sumo technique because it shortens the movement and the weight travels a shorter path, which allowing them to lift bigger weights. But to perform the sumo deadlift you have to own good flexibility and strong lower body. For the regular trainers the benefit from the sumo deadlift will be stronger glutes, hamstrings and adductor muscles and increased power in all leg movements. The sumo deadlift is a compound multijoint exercise and train all muscles in the body so it will help you to get stronger and leaner by activating your metabolism.


To perform the exercise first set a barbell with desired weight on the ground in front of you. Put your feet under the bar wider than shoulder width apart with your toes pointing out right to the inner plates of the barbell. After you stand in the right position to the bar bend your knees, bend forward, maintaining a straight back and grasp the bar using a closer than a shoulder width apart mixed grip (one hand overhand grip other hand underhand grip). This is the starting position.


Take a deep breath and hold it in the stomach. Arch your back and flex your abs to provide back stability and power. Than start lifting the bar by first pushing with your heels at the floor extending your knees and hips as simultaneously  getting your torso to the upright position. As the bar passes through the heels stand upright, puff your chest out , pull your shoulder blades together and drive your hips in to the bar. Breathe out at the top. Go back to the starting position by first leaning the torso forward and than when the bar pass your knee cap start bending your knees and hips and squat all the way down as you maintaining a straight back.