Barbell Stationary Lunges

March 19, 2015 - Barbell Exercises, Thigh Exercises
Barbell Stationary Lunges



The barbell stationary lunges is basic multi-joint movement for the lower body muscles. It is great for developing the glutes and the hamstrings, but also works as well for the quads and the core muscles.


Place a barbell in a squat rack and load it with desired weight. Step under the bar and place the back of your shoulder (slightly below the neck). Hold on the bar with both hands and stand right under it with slight arch in your lower back and chest out. Un-rack the bar by extending your knees and step two -three steps away from the rack. Make a big step forward and place one foot in front the other. Make sure the knee of the front foot is right above your heel and your knees are slightly bended.

Your torso must be upright and you core muscles tight. This is the starting position.


Start to slowly squatting down by flexing your front knee until it forms a 90-degree angle with your thigh and the knee of your back leg almost touch the floor. Then return back to the starting position by pushing with the heel of the front leg. Flex your thighs muscles at the top and begin the next repetition.