Back Exercises

Incline Dumbbell Row
Overview The incline bench dumbbell row is a great substitute exercise for those of you who can’t perform correctly the bent over barbell row. [...]
Behind The Neck Cable Pulldown
Overview The behind the neck cable pulldown is very popular variation of the cable pulldown in front of the chest. Both exercise hits the lat muscles in a [...]
T-Bar Rows
Overview A few exercises deserved to be defined as classic. But without a doubt the T-bar row is one of them. Since of the Golden era of the bodybuilding [...]
Cable Pulldown Close Underhand Grip
Overview The close grip cable pulldown is a great back exercise if you know how to perform it. Because of the underhand grip you have some help from the [...]
Wide Grip Cable Pulldown
Overview The wide grip lat pulldown is a very effective and popular exercise for the back muscles. It works the whole upper back area and also the lats [...]
Bent Over Barbell Row
Overview If you have to choose only one exercise you have to perform to have a great back this is definitely the bent over barbell row. This exercise hit [...]
Dumbbell Deadlift
Barbell High Row
Low Row Machine
Overview The row on a low row machine is good substitute exercise for all type of free weight row movements. If you have back injury and you have to reduce [...]
Lat Pulldown Machine
Overview The pulldown on a lat pulldown machine is good variation of the regular cable pulldown. It turns of the need stabilizing muscles and you work [...]