Chest Dips

March 20, 2015 - Chest Exercises, Lower Chest Exercises
Chest Dips


Chest dips overview

The chest dip is a great mass and strength building exercise that can help you to improve your lower chest, shoulders and triceps. They are essential exercise for the upper body, just like squats for the lower body. To make the dips work for your chest you must learn the proper form of execution and how to target the tension only on the chest without using too much shoulders and triceps.


Grasp the dip bars with your palms facing in and position yourself on the bars with your knees bend and your lower legs crossed. Keep your arms slightly bended and lean forward. This is your starting position.

Chest dips execution

Inhale and slowly lower your body as you keep your torso lean forward and your elbows out. Continue to go down until your upper arms are parallel to the floor and you feel good stretch in your chest. Than flex your chest and bring yourself back as you exhale. Hold for a second at the top and squeeze your chest muscles. Repeat the movement for desired amount of reps.