Incline Dumbbell Row

March 19, 2015 - Back Exercises, Dumbbell Exercises
Incline Dumbbell Row



The incline bench dumbbell row is a great substitute exercise for those of you who can’t perform correctly the bent over barbell row.

Everybody knows that to have a big back you have to row, but if you have lower back injury or you just want to hit the muscles from a different angle the incline bench dumbbell row is your exercise. It turns off the lower back muscles and works each side of the back independently. It is a good finishing exercise at the end of the back workout when your lower back is exhausted. The neutral grip puts the emphasis on the muscles in the middle back area.


Prepare for the exercise by adjust incline bench between 30 and 45 degrees. Then prepare a pair of dumbbells and put them in the front part of the bench. Straddle the bench and lie with your face toward the floor. Position yourself so that your head and chest are above the end of the bench, and your feet are firmly to the floor. Grasp the dumbbells with neutral grip (palms facing towards your body) and lift them of the floor. Arch your back, puff out your chest and set your head in line with your body. Your hands should be straight, with the dumbbells right under your shoulders. This is the starting position.


Inhale and start lifting the dumbbells up and slightly backward toward your lower abs. Begin the movement by first retracting your shoulder blades than flexing the arms.

When you reach top position (the point where your shoulder blades are fully contracted) hold for a second and squeeze the back muscles as you exhale. Return the weights back to the starting position as you control the movement, let your shoulder blades to spread apart and stretch the back muscles. Then begin the next repetition.