Behind The Neck Cable Pulldown

March 19, 2015 - Back Exercises
Behind The Neck Cable Pulldown



The behind the neck cable pulldown is very popular variation of the cable pulldown in front of the chest. Both exercise hits the lat muscles in a very similar way. The behind the neck variation is a good way to hit the lats from a little bit different angle, but for the most people it’s not worth the risk. When you perform the behind the neck pulldown you put your shoulder joint in unnatural position and you put too much strain to your rotator muscles. Which can lead to injury or shoulder impingement syndrome. Of course with proper technique and right weight you can minimize this risk. Here is the most secure way to perform this exercise.


Attach a long pulley bar to the lat pulldown machine and adjust the desired weight. Grasp the bar with wide overhand grip (palms facing forward) and sit down. Secure your knees under the pads to provide stable position during the movement. With fully extended hands slightly lean forward, so that the bar can safely pass just behind your head. This is the starting position.


Inhale and start to pull the weight straight down toward the back of your head by first pulling with your shoulder blades and then with the arms. Stop and squeeze your shoulder blades when the bar reach the middle portion of your head and your arms are parallel to the floor. Return the weight in controlled way back to the staring position and exhale. Perform the desired amount of reps.