Decline Sit Up Straight Arms

March 19, 2015 - Abs Exercises
Decline Sit Up Straight Arms



Compared with the traditional crunches the decline crunches are the better and the toughest exercise. They provide a greater range of motion, which means better stretch and contraction for the abdominal muscles. The position of the hands ensures constant tension on the abs and the additional weight makes the exercise a challenge even for the advanced athletes.


Grasp a weight plate and sit at the high end of a decline bench. Secure your ankles at the padding and lie down with your hands extended toward the ceiling. This is your starting position.


Inhale and start to bring your upper body up by contracting your abdominal muscles. Keep your head slightly in front of your face toward the ceiling and continue to raise your self up until your abs are in fully contracted position. Hold the contraction for a count and exhale than slowly return to the starting position and begin the next repetition.