Dumbbell Lunges

March 19, 2015 - Dumbbell Exercises, Thigh Exercises
Dumbbell Lunges



What are lunges? The lunge is very popular exercise’ It is great exercise to gain flexibility and strength. There are many different ways to do lunges – front, back, diagoanal and side lunges.Dumbbell lunges are an important exercise for developing strength and balance of the lower body. Lunges exercise is single leg movment. The lunges works the quads, the hamstring and the glutes.


Choose a pair of dumbbells. Ensure that you have enough room for execution of this exercise. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart,toes facing forward, back straight. Stand as tall as you can. Lift the chest up.


From this standing position, inhale and step forward with one foot, leading with your heel, and lunge down toward the floor, maintaining control over the speed of your descent. Lower yourself until your opposite knee almost touches the floor, then push back off your lead foot.Return to the start position.