Floor Bench Press

March 20, 2015 - Barbell Chest Exercises, Barbell Exercises, Chest Exercises
Floor Bench Press



The floor bench press is a basic multi-joint movement which can help you to improve your bench. The exercise works in a shorter range of motion which allows the use of heavier weights. Also the floor bench press is a great exercise for increasing the triceps strength. Perform them at the beginning of your chest workout to achieve maximum results.


For best performance and safety purposes use a power rack to execute the exercise. Set the hooks or supports up in a power rack at a height that you can reach with almost fully extended hands while you lying on the floor. Lie back on the floor so that your lower chest to be on one level with the bar, bend your knees and position your feet firmly on the floor. Then grasp the bar with wider than a shoulder width overhand grip (palms facing forward), dismount it from the rack and hold it above your chest. This will be your Floor Bench Press starting position.


As you breathe in start lower the bar in controlled motion until your triceps touch the floor. When your triceps touch the floor carefully change the direction of the movement and bring the bar back to the starting position as you exhale. Contract the pecs at the top, hold for a second and repeat the movement for desire reps.