Seated Cable Row

March 19, 2015 - Back Exercises
Seated Cable Row


The Muscles The Seated Cable Row Works

Target muscle: Middle back
Primary muscle groups: Latissimus Dorsi
Secondary muscle groups: Erector Spinae, Traezius, Deltoid Posterior, Biceps Brachii.


The back development is very important, everybody wants to have big and powerful back and complete V-shape look. But to have a really great back you don’t need only width you need a lot of thickness to make your back look really impressive. The seated cable rows are one of the best back exercises that can help you to add thickness to your middle back. The cable provides a constant tension for the back muscles in the whole range of motion of the movement and gives you great peak contraction. You can use the seated cable rows in the middle of your back workout or like a finishing exercise after the heavy free weight movements.


First attach the close grip bar to a low pulley cable row machine. Sit at the end of the bench or seat and grasp the bar with a neutral grip (palms facing in). Than place your feet on the feet platform and push yourself backward as you maintain a straight back and your arms extended until your knees are slightly flexed and your torso forms a 90 degree angle with your legs. You should be sitting with a slightly arched back, chest sticking out and your hands extended in front your lower abdominals.

How to Perform The Seated Cable Row

Breathe in and begin to pull the handle by squeezing your shoulders blades backward and than pull the handle with your arms toward your lower abdominals. When you touch them try to contract all the back muscles and squeeze your shoulder blades together for a second as you breathe out. Go all the way back as you controlled the weight and begin the next repetition.