Shoulder Press Machine

March 18, 2015 - Shoulder Exercises
Shoulder Press Machine



The shoulder press machine is a good substitute exercise if you for some reason can’t perform the version with free weights – shoulder injury, back problems (at Military presses). The shoulder press machine turn off’s the need of balancing the weights that makes it a great choice for the end of the workout if you use the pre-exhaustion principle and perform the presses at the end of the workout.


Set up for the exercise by first add/adjust the desired weight on the machine. Adjust your seat so that you can put your feet firmly on the floor and the handles are at the level of your chin. Grasp the handles with wider than a shoulder width overhand grip (palms looking forward). Lift the weights slightly up so you can feel the weight in your hands. This is the starting position.


Inhale and press the weight up by extending your arms above your head. Continue the pressing until your arms are almost fully extended, hold for second at the top and contract your shoulder muscles as you exhale. Then return the weight back to starting position as you control it all the way back. This is one rep. Perform the desired amount of repetitions.