Side Lateral Raise

March 18, 2015 - Dumbbell Exercises, Shoulder Exercises
Side Lateral Raise



The dumbbell side lateral raise is a single joint isolation exercise for the shoulders. It emphasizes the side head of the deltoid muscles which gives width to the upper body and creates the desired ‘V’ shape. The exercise can be performed in many different ways – with cables, machines, bands, chains and others.


Grasp set of dumbbells and stand upright with the dumbbells at sides and palms facing towards your body. Hold the dumbbells slightly off your body to keep constant tension on the working muscles. This will be your Side Lateral Raise starting position.


As you keep the upper body stationary inhale and lift the dumbbells to your side with you elbows slightly bended. Continue lifting the weights to a point in which your arms are parallel to the floor. Hold the peak contraction for a second and slowly return the weights to the lower position without let them touch your body. Exhale at the negative part of the movement. Repeat for desired amount of reps.